FFight Noise with Noise (FNWN) kit

Fight Noise with Noise Kit Instructions:

  1. Find someone (an offender) that displeases you with his or her noise ó be it a loud motorcycle, a late-nite party, or a barking dog.

  2. If you donít already know where the offender lives, find out. For example, if the offender rides a loud motorcycle that keeps roaring by, follow them to their home.

  3. Return to the offenderís home around three or four in the morning on a workday with the Fight Noise with Noise (FNWN) kit.

  4. Open the FNWN kit, tape the appropriate card (three are provided and one is blank for your choosing) to their front door or as close as possible.

  5. Assemble the air horn by putting the trumpet in the hole on the canister.

  6. Plug your ears with earplugs (provided).

  7. Quickly tape down the top of the air horn so it continuously goes off. Throw it on their roof or in some shrubbery.

  8. :-)

  9. Exit the scene quickly.

Thank you for purchasing the Fight Noise with Noise Kit. Enjoy your life.