Marsha Hammel

Yellow Cello


Marsha Hammel was born in 1949 in Florida, she studied art at the North Carolina Governor's School in 1967 for which she was awarded a scholarship. Following this she attended the Virginia Commonwealth University to study Fine Arts. Throughout her life Marsha Hammel has travelled the USA extensively, lived in Canada, Germany, Panama and Italy. She is most recognised for her atmospheric music scenes and is one of the most successful artists practising in this genre. Her work appears in countless corporate and private collections all over the world and has had numerous solo exhibitions. Performing art centres and many musicians have used her wonderful paintings on programme covers and cover art for music. Her original paintings, fine art prints and pen and ink drawings are highly collectable and there is a strong market for them. 2007

Marsha Hammel's original contemporary figure paintings radiate brilliant color, vibrant atmosphere, music and movement.
Her work in oils, drawings, and ceramics centering on Jazz, dance and Caribbean themes,
can be seen in museums and private collections throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

Well known for her classic Modernist stylized compositions, Marsha also accepts portrait commissions.
Currently (2010) maintaining a busy studio in North Carolina, she has lived and worked in many areas of the U.S. and Europe.

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