Acoustic links

University level tutorials on mainly shock and vibration in Acrobat PDF format are found at Also some freeware is found here.

Basic tutorial on sound Campanella Acoustics

Noisenet, not only a directory of all British companies, but listed on the environmental page are the following sections
Weather Effects (Wind strength, Atmosphere, Total Effect), Reduction in Homes (Floors, Walls, Windows, Fences, Masking)
Also the noise and vibration information roundups, with direct links to all manufacturers' websites are unique Noise instrumentation and Vibration instrumentation

On active noise control you'll find answers to your questions at Chris Ruckman

Acoustic properties of solids, gases, liquids ultrasonic

Underwater acoustics at the whale acoustics project

Very nice journey trough the ear (TIP!!)

Leage for the hard of hearing

"Good neighbors keep their noise to themselves." is the slogan of Noise Pollution Clearinghouse. You'll found lots of information on environmental and occupational noise.

Another on environmental noise is NoiseWatch Online

Acoustical Society of America

Journals on acoustics

Search a company on acoustics at Ecgcorp

Vibration absorbing material with nomogram has Heathcote

Take action on Classroom acoustics, see the rules or disscuss about it

The noise radiated by Transrapid is not without its problems. Also read my notes (in Dutch) about it

Interesting technology to send acoustic signals through automotive structure is found at Maycom

More links on noise and vibration

Audio dictionary Hundreds of audio terms.

Roberts "hifi on www" seems complete on hifi, including an extensive faq page.

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